TKG STUDIOS: Blog en-us (C) TKG STUDIOS [email protected] (TKG STUDIOS) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:26:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:26:00 GMT Photos of Friends (a working title ...) An idea has been brewing around in my head and I'm finally going to execute it. "Photos of Friends" is a project using people that have "liked" my Facebook page as subjects.

The style of the portrait is grungy, cool-toned, dramatically lit, and highly post processed, and will be the same from portrait to portrait. The difference will be that I am going to try to show a side of each subject that nobody, or few people, have seen before. When completed, the printed collection will be displayed as a whole in the gallery portion of my studio.

Interested? Email me to set up a time to come in to the studio. There is no cost to participate.


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Food Shoot for Nakato's Kaiseki Chef's Tasting IMG_0370_Processed_6MP IMG_0272_Processed_6MP 1


Everyone knows that Nakato has great sushi and sashimi, as well as a fun hibachi grill side... But a well kept secret is that they also do a chef's tasting menu, called "kaiseki" in the back rooms!

You may have taken a peek back there, or seen servers dressed in traditional kimonos scurrying around bringing food and drink in multiple courses to now mostly Japanese businessmen.

Well, coming soon Nakato will be releasing their new website, along with a marketing blitz featuring their tasting menu.

One last secret: you will be asked to remove your shoes before you cozy up to the barely off the floor, one foot high table, but they have ingeniously built a hole in the floor, so you sit pretty much as if you were at a normal table. Pretty cool.

- Joey

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Home Depot Helps Veterans A few weeks ago I got a chance to work with the Home Depot Foundation. I have always heard that Home Depot treats their employees well and gives a lot back to the community, but I got a chance to see it first hand. As part of a very large job of doing over 300 service events for veterans' homes, this group got together to make huge house and yard improvements to this wheelchair-bound vet's home. Bravo, and well deserved. 

These are pics from my iPhone. For the full event album, click here.

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